Where Your Donations Go

As a donor, it is crucial that you know where your money is going before donating to any good cause and charity. We want to make sure you know the good use we make of your valuable donations. Your donations go toward Research, Advocacy & Awareness, Education,  and Family Support. And other projects we are currently raising money for are the following:

University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital

The Foundation is pleased to partner with this state of the art hospital right in our back yard. It means so much to us to be able to donate locally, and the exact place where Austin received his treatments.  In addition to funding research, we do the Toy Drive every Christmas season for the entire children's oncology floor, and are constantly collaborating on new ways we can support the hospital.

Austin Smith Inclusive Playground Project

This Inclusive playground will serve the residents of Monticello and the surrounding communities for years to come. The playground highly accessible making this a playground “Where Everyone Can Be a SUPERHERO”


Funding Research

By formally being a part of the DIPG Collaborative, and now Research Partners with Chad Tough Defeat DIPG we are able to be in the front lines of research for DIPG/DMG. It is with this that we can find effective treatments and ultimately a cure.